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3 In 1 Led Light Therapy Handset

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Acne? Fine lines? Hyperpigmentation? If any of this sounds familiar to you then our LED handset is about to become your best friend. The power of clinical restorative LED therapy, entirely from home. 


  • 3 LED therapy light options
  • Stimulates collagen to combat ageing
  • Treats acne and prevents breakouts
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and evens skin tone

Vegan & Cruelty Free
Aussie Made Skincare
60-days Money-Back Guarantee
Free Express Shipping
Benefits • 3-IN-1 functionality, includes blue, green and red light therapy
• 3 x treatment plans included with the device to tailor experience
• Rivals clinic LED therapy treatments
• Improves treatment for a range of skin-care concerns
• Results seen in 3-6 weeks
• Blue Light: Treats acne and prevents breakouts
• Green Light: Treats uneven skin texture and hyperpigmentation
• Red Light: Reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen
• Safe for all skin types and tones
• 1 year replacement warranty and lifetime maintenance

The speed at which you will see results varies from person-to-person and depends how frequently and effectively the device is used. Here's a breakdown of the typical experience:

1-4 Weeks
After 4-6 sessions, your skin will start to appear smoother, more hydrated and more clear. Your natural glow is revealing itself and the collagen boost with give you a youthful appearance.

5-11 Weeks
You will feel and notice your skin appearing more fresh, rejuvenated and radiant. Any fine lines and wrinkles will start to diminish as the skin improves its elasticity.

Weeks 12+
Fine lines, wrinkles, acne and inflammation is diminished. Hyperpigmentation from sun spots and other scarring has been reduced. Your skin is glowing!

How To Use
How To Use STEP 1: Ensure skin is freshly cleansed and pat dry before use. If you have dry to extra day skin, you can moisturise prior to use

STEP 2: Turn the handset on and select the light mode you wish to use.

STEP 3: Hover the device closely over the skin, targeting areas of concern. Do not use around the eye area

STEP 4: Use the device for 5 minutes per target area

STEP 5: Continue to apply the remainder of your skincare routine

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