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Facial Cleanser And Exfoliating Brush

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If you're anything like us, you're tired of makeup wipes. This is the perfect companion to your skincare, boosting your cleansing routine and providing enhanced exfoliation for the perfect base. 


  • Soft silicone to gently yet deeply cleanse 
  • Gentle exfoliating bristles to renew the skin 
  • Removes makeup, improves blemishes and breakouts. 

Vegan & Cruelty Free
Aussie Made Skincare
60-days Money-Back Guarantee
Free Express Shipping
Benefits • Includes 1 x exfoliating head and 1 x cleansing head
• 3 strength modes to adjust according to preference
• Wireless charging port with fast wireless charge
• 1.5 hour charging time results in 2 weeks of use
• Completely waterproof
• Effectively removes makeup and SPF
• Effectively exfoliates the skin
• Treats acne, white heads, blackheads and breakouts
• Compact size making it a perfect travel companion

How many interchangeable heads does the device come with?
We include two interchangeable heads!

The Cleansing Head: Ideal for taking off the day, removing makeup and SPF this head comprises of soft silicone tips. This will gently remove any impurities from the skin and deeply cleanse for that fresh feeling.

The Exfoliating Head: Comprising of soft bristles, this head works to gently sweep away dead skin cells, resurfacing the skin for the improved absorption of topical products, a reduction in breakouts and an enviously healthy glow.

When should I use this product?
You can use the cleansing head daily, at night only. The exfoliating head should not be used more than twice a head, or even less frequently if you have a chemical exfoliant in your rotation. This is to ensure you are not over-exfoliating the skin which can lead to irritation.

Is this product safe for sensitive skin?
Yes! This device is safe for all skin types, ensure that you read the manual and suggested use for the best results and to avoid any adverse effects.

How To Use
How To Use STEP 1: For the cleansing head, you can dampen either your face or the head itself. For the exfoliating head, ensure you thoroughly dampen the bristles as well as your skin

STEP 2: Select your desired intensity setting

STEP 3: Apply cleanser directly to the brush head, or to your face depending on preference

STEP 4: Gently move the device around your face in circular motions, focusing on key areas of concern and avoiding the eye area, do not use for more than a minute

STEP 5: Rinse your face thoroughly and continue with your skincare routine

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