Our Story

Our Story

Sochy Skin started with our founders: Bryce and Alisha. Our founding siblings were struggling to find skincare that consistently did the job… without breaking the bank.

Here’s the thing, skincare isn’t easy. There’s countless options and endless information online telling you what to do, what not to do, what to avoid and what to use - it’s a confusing world. We knew this and wanted to do something about it, because skincare can be as simple as a good formula and science-backed ingredients that work for everyone.
We want you to have access to the high-end clinic technology and the highest quality skincare in one place. We offer the best of Australian skincare, putting our stake in our home using the native ingredients, chemists and manufacturers.

We know that skincare is more than skin deep and we are here to celebrate the beauty of skin in all its forms; with all of its hues, textures, and imperfections. We are here to elevate skincare to be something that is not only effective but enjoyed.

Our Community

Community is at the heart of everything we do and it is because of all of you that we are able to enact positive change.

It is important to us and part of our ethos to use our platform to spread awareness, build support and generate change. Beauty is a contentious subject, built upon centuries of ever-evolving social constructions. It is a hard thing to define and an even harder thing to “achieve”.

Skin, much like ourselves, is not meant to be perfect. We want to dismantle these concepts of what beauty is or isn’t by promoting skincare that is rooted in health and self-care - rather than focusing simply on what skin looks like.

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